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Getting started with Sparkling Minds Practice

As experienced clinicians, Sparkling Minds Practice understand that thinking about a self-referral or referring your child, young person or family for therapeutic support can sometimes feel like a daunting process. Seeking help outside the circle of family and friends can feel difficult and exposing. We ensure that our services are discreet and confidential.


At Sparkling Minds Practice we are mindful of the importance of a professional yet empathetic approach towards working with all of our clients and seek to ensure that the referral process is as helpful, easy and supportive as possible.


     Parent - Infant work


Worries about your infant or toddler are common and may include issues around feeding, sleeping, aggression or attachment/bonding. At Sparkling Minds Practice we use the Wait, Watch and Wonder ( approach to allow you and the clinician to think about your child after observing them at play.


     Parent work


Becoming a parent is rewarding but also can have its challenges. This can be overwhelming if you are concerned about for example, a child with a diagnosis such ADHD or ASD, family dynamics, your child behavioural difficulties...  This isn't an exhaustive list, please see the Services page.

At Sparkling Minds Practice we can help you reflect on what is concerning you to enable you to free up your thinking with regard to the unique relationship you have with your child. 


      Child and adolescent work


Today, one in ten children aged between 5 and 16 years (three in every classroom) has a mental health problem, and many continue to have these problems into adulthood. Half of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 14. Among teenagers, rates of depression and anxiety have increased by 70% in the past 25 years* (

At Sparkling Minds Practice we believe that prevention is key to avoiding the development of significant mental health issues. However, some children, young people and families sometimes need just a little help to overcome common difficulties and build resilience.


     Primary school aged children


Sparkling Minds Practice has well-established working relationships with several primary schools located in both London and the Home Counties. We can work alongside teaching professionals if appropriate to enable what can often be complex issues to be successfully addressed within the school environment during this vital developmental stage.


     Secondary schools aged and beyond 


Transferring to secondary school or sixth form can be challenging for the most resilient of young people and overwhelming for many who have difficulties adjusting to change.

Pressures from new social groups, including online communication, academic achievement and the organisational skills these involve can lead to a number of distressing symptoms. Anxiety and low self-esteem can manifest themselves in school refusal, addiction, self harm and eating disorders, for example.

It is now recognised that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Based Therapy and Mindfulness may all help with these symptoms. After a consultation we would agree a treatment plan, which may include the above or may take the form of more long term psychodynamic psychotherapy if required.


All three clinicians have experience of working in both primary and secondary schools and so are aware of the unique features of the school setting and system. 

If you would like to discuss any aspect of a self referral please  contact us for an informal and confidential consultation 

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